Troubling the Waters Consulting

We are Troubling the Waters, reimagining congregational life for a more just and equitable world

We work with churches, and other faith organizations, to reimagine, rework, or revision their community offerings with a focus on greater equity and inclusion. Troubling the Waters consultants are available for content curation and/or creation, program and community auditing, or whole-sale reimagining of the ways churches come together as community all through the lens of decoloniality and antiracism.

What does it mean to be decolonial and antiracist?

In this moment in the history of the world and of the church, we are being asked to examine how the way we do things is pushing back against a dominant culture of scarcity and oppression or simply replicating that culture in our communities of faith. For this reason we must ask whether our community structures, offerings, and ways of being are dismantling or reinforcing the ongoing realities of colonization and racism.

Some characteristics of decoloniality and antiracism:


Deep Listening


Emotional Conection

Relational Depth

Individual and Communal Empowerment

In our work we partner with faith communities to ask these important questions, among others:

How are our communal offerings (e.g. discipleship, formation, worship, committees, etc.) excluding people based on particular aspects of their identity rather than being reimagined with everyone in mind?

How are our communities consciously or unconsciously propagating destructive characteristics of the dominant western culture?

How is our common life driven more by conforming to cultural standards than by curiosity and openness to God’s newness?

If you are also asking these questions, then we’re here to talk.


Content Curation and Creation

Are you interested in reimagining the language, imagery, and theology of your various communal offerings? We can partner with your community leaders to create and curate inclusive, justice oriented content for your community offerings


Program Auditing

Our auditing team will work with you and a small group from within your community to take stock of the various offerings within a specific program (e.g. worship, formation, stewardship, community finance, etc.) and work toward addressing some of the areas that might need transformation.


De-linking and Rebuilding

Are you interested in a complete revisioning of the structures and offerings of your community with the hope of cultivating greater equity and inclusion for all? Starting with a community-wide audit, our team will locate problem areas and work with community leaders to bring about a more equitable and inclusive community.


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About us

We are Troubling the Waters, reimagining the structures and offerings of our faith communities for a more just and equitable world.

We equip leaders and faith communities to delink from colonial narratives of dominance and superiority to reimagine what it means to be a disciple in the 21st century.



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